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With the experience and expertise of over 10 years, our consulting, design and installation in stainless steel like gutter, chimneys smoke, air duct, ventilation fans, mirrors, doors - windows,. balustrades, gates, fences, stainless steel, polycarbonate a


With the experience and expertise of over 10 years Our consulting, design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel. Such as gutters , chimneys, smoke , air pipes, ventilators , windows , doors - windows ,  railings ,gates , fences, stainless steel , polycarbonate awning , Ventilator, stainless steel kitchen, lockers. , Sink, shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs, counters, design and manufacture equipment and materials used in food factories. By modern machinery company in a full-scale Reap, manufacturing, installation and after sales service is excellent. Consultation on standards. Food and beverage plant (GMP, HACCP, HALAL). , by expert For services to be more effective.We have earned the trust of customers. Both public and private organizations Both large and small Both domestic and international

In addition, we also have expertise in consulting, design, manufacture, install shelves in factory, warehouse, warehouses,. Racking & selective Rack, shelves, shelf , both in department stores, superstores, mini-market. North, Home Mart, and equipment such as wheelchairs. , Hook, baskets, pole, etc., including the relocation reinstalled by a qualified, experienced long. Gain the trust of clients both at home and abroad that much. 10th year as well, thus making the installation. It's fast, efficient

Furthermore, we have been cutting jobs. By a wire cut to meet your needs at affordable rates.

We are happy to advise In free for every product Over 24 hours.

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We allocate Keep your budget in an efficient and standardized.

Plant Food and drinks are available for free consultation on standards.

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